About me

I make music under the name Avoranic Music. I'm Tricia, I'm 26 years old and from Sweden.
I experiment alot with sounds, effects and musical instruments and sometimes it turns out to compositions.
I have no real music education, I'm mostly self-taught and my music is quite experimental and sometimes just... odd.

Genres: Classical, instrumental, acoustic.
Sub genres: New age, experimental, folk, electronic.
Equipments: Snowball iCE USB-microphone from Blue, iRig microphones for iPad
and the iRig apps, MuseScore, Garageband for Macbook Pro and a portable sound recorder
from Olympus.

Instruments: Viola, violin, piano, keyboard/keystation, baritone ukulele,
concert ukulele, alto recorder, soprano recorder, clarinet, ocarina, kalimba, banjolele.